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Instant decisions are made by your potential customers, the moment they look at the photos on your website, social media or printed material.

This first impression made about the quality of your service or products, profoundly influences the decisions on whether or not you are worth contacting.

Do you look confident and competent? Authoritative and knowledgeable? Creative? Reliable? Exciting? Or struggling to get by?

Whether you are a sole trader working out of your garden shed, or an SME on the high street, or a fast growing organisation, it’s important you have the right photos to impress the clients you want, and filter out the ones you don’t.

From staff photos to shots in the workplace; classic product shots to detailed staged set pieces, there are a wide range of photography styles to show your clients the story you want them to see.

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Behind the scenes video

Ed Pook’s award winning, top restaurant in Castle Douglas. We created a full set of magazine quality images – from signature photo, to actions shots, to close up details, to portraits – so they could have a wide range of photos to use in advertising, promotion, press releases and social media.

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