“I take photos that tell stories about people and the things they do.”

We all want to look good in photos – whether that’s strong, playful, friendly or authoritative – and, if we’re honest about it, just a little bit cool.

Of course, not everyone feels these things when they are having their photo taken. As soon as someone points a camera at us, most of us feel intensely self-conscious and start to worry about all the parts of us we consider our failings.

But what motivates me, as a photographer, is I like to make people feel good about themselves.

This means taking the time to build trust and confidence for a photo shoot. By helping you reach a point of feeling relaxed, or even excited, when the camera goes click, we will achieve not just OK photos, but great photos – photos you will be delighted with.

And I back that up with a cast iron guarantee – if you are in any way less than thrilled with your photos, then you will not be charged a penny for my time.

The best photos come when people feel comfortable enough in the situation to play, and explore different ideas, expressions and postures. My job is to help you reach that place so together we can create images that will make you feel good about yourself.

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